More than heavy metal



Material cutting

We specialize in cutting abrasion-resistant sheets and other types of steel by the following methods: 

  • plasma cutting  
  • laser cutting
  • saw  


  • steel parts welding by MIG/MAG  and TIG


  • normal steel
    up to diameter ø 63 mm
  • abrasion resistant steel
    up to diameter ø 50 mm
  • other materials, e.g. aluminium, stainless steel


  • metal sheets
  • profiles
  • pipes
  • other construction parts
  • Flipping press 50 tons, width 1 500 mm
  • Bending press 225 t, width 4 300 mm

CNC Machining

  • structural parts on machining centers

Surface treatment

We provide final surface treatment:

  • wet and powder coating
  • galvanizing, chromium plating, nitriding and more 
  • surface cleaning by blasting before painting


  • including wiring and hydraulic
  • functional testing of assembly units, including cleaning and lubrication

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